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iGet Banded Airdate || November 8, 2008

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Production Code || 201-203

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Written by || Teleplay: Dan Schneider
Story: Andrew Hill Newman

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Directed by || Steve Hoefer

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Viewership || 7.599 million

iGo to Japan
Season 2, Episode 5-7
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iGo to Japan is the fifth, sixth and seventh episode of the second season of iCarly and the thirtieth, thirty first and thirty second episode overall.



Sam: You sure you don't mind if I hang out at your place til dinner.

Kayla: Yeah Sam.

Carly: Yeah it's fine but don't you think you should go home and be with your mom.

Sam: What for.

Carly: Cause she's in bed with pneumonia.

Sam: I'm not a doctor.

Sam: Hey you think Freddie's home from school yet.

Carly: Yeah he got a ride why.

Kayla: Yeah Why.

Sam: Bet ya he's looking through his peephole waitin for you to come home.

Carly: No he grew out of that.

Sam: Uh huh.

Sam creeps up to the peephole and slams her fist against it Freddie screams and stumbles out of his apartment.

Sam: Sup.

Freddie: I was not looking out my peephole waiting for you to come home.

Carly: I know you weren't.

Freddie: Good.

Kayla: Good.

Carly: Peeper.

Freddie: What.

Sam: Carly and Kayla when Mrs. Briggs said that you couldn't pick people for the talent show did you give up.

Carly: No.

Carly: Sternly Kayla and Sam don't eat him.

Sam: I'm not gonna pauses to look at the possue I'm not gonna eat him.

Kayla: Me either

Mrs. Benson: Kayla and Sam be careful with that thing you don't know where it's been

Freddie: Snorts like we know where Sam's been.

Freddie: Guys there's no way my mom's jumping out of this airplane.

Sam: I know how to make her jump.

Freddie: No chance she's been afraid of heights ever since Sam pushes Freddie off of the plane.

Spencer: I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't found us.

Policeman: Oh you would have slowly starved in the wilderness until you all perished and were eaten by wild animals.

Spencer: Right

Carly: Well thanks so much

Kayla: Your right Carly thank you

Policeman says good-bye and leaves.

Freddie: He was nice.

Carly: He was weird.

Sam: I took his handcuffs Holds up handcuffs.

Secretary in Lobby: Hello Welcome to Hotel Nakamura May I help you.

Carly: gestures to Freddie Yeah we're checking in.

Secretary in Lobby: Aw honeymoon couple.

Freddie looks at Carly suggestively Carly slaps him

Spencer and Mrs. Benson enter the hotel with towels on Spencer sees a man who looks exactly like the cutout who taught him Japanese.

Spencer: Oh my god stares with shock the pain did not help me learn steals his ice cream cone

The man grabs his towel the hotel guests gasp.

Spencer: Ha I'm wearing a second towel

after acting out their whole journey

Theodore: in Japanese they are supposed to be here they are performers.

Guard: in Japanese Oh sorry my mistake I have a bladder infection.

Theodore: in Japanese I'm sorry in English Get him some cranberry juice.

Carly: On the boat ride back to Seattle I wish we brought something to eat.

Spencer: I just remembered I still have those little candies from the hotel.

Sam, Freddie, Kayla and Carly: Thank god They all start coughing

Carly: This is soap.

Spencer: Oh yeah

Spencer: It's ok I'm going with them so it's not like they wont have a responsible adult making sure everything goes smooth.

Helmet catches on fire

Spencer: So I'll make sure everything goes smoothly in Japan.

Spencer: So your name is freight dog.

Freight Dog: yeah and this is my pepperoni.

Spencer: Well thanks for letting me smell it.

Sam: Wow this is almost as nice as a gas station men's room!

Freight Dog: Thanks!




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