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iGet Banded Airdate || November 10, 2007

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Production Code || 108

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Written by || Steve Holland

iGet Banded valign=top iGet Banded Directed by || Adam Weissman

iWill Date Freddie
Season 1, Episode 9
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iWill Date Freddie is the ninth episode of the first season of iCarly.


iCarly introduces a new feature called the Blab Cam where viewers can chat with Carly, Kayla and Sam on the air one of the first callers is a fellow Ridgeway Bulldog named Valerie who seems more interested in Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie so that the girls suggest the three should go on a date.

Mrs. Benson seems very excited with the fact that Freddie was having a first date and stated that she would love to have them over to her apartment and look at Freddie's baby pictures however Carly convinces Freddie's mother so that the date was set up at the Shay's Apartment which it was Mrs Benson gets Freddie ready but in a rather dorky way and Carly, Kayla and Sam get the back up clothes and get Freddie ready for his date Sam sets up cameras and both girls spy on Freddie's date Freddie and Valerie have a good first date and become inseparable for the next week.

Without Freddie's help Valerie fails miserably with her show The Valerie Show they end up eating watermelon with a spoon.





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