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Noah Bryant Munck is an American actor and dubstep electronica producer Noah Munck produces dubstep under the name NoxiK his roles have included Gibby Gibson on iCarly and Bobby Sinclair the junior lawn mowing entrepreneur on the TruGreen commercials Munck was also cast on a proposed new Nickelodeon show Gibby the pilot was ordered but the series has not been picked up he appeared on Sam & Cat as Gibby Gibson on the episode #SuperPsycho.


Early lifeEditar

Munck lives in Mission Viejo in Orange County, California where he was born he is the eldest of five children of Kymbry and Greg Munck an executive pastor at a church in Mission Viejo one of his brothers Ethan Munck played Gibby's eight year old brother Guppy on three episodes of iCarly Munck has three other siblings Taylor, Elijah and Micah Munck is the great grandson by his mother's side of the late character actor Bartlett Robinson who appeared on Leave it to Beaver as George Compton.


In 2007 Munck began a recurring role on the Nickelodeon television series iCarly as one of Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie's friends Gibby for three seasons in 2010 Munck was added to the opening credits of the fourth season of iCarly officially making him a part of the main cast.

Proposals have been put forth for an upcoming TV series in 2013 called Gibby a spin off of iCarly that would star Munck the series is about Gibby who gets a job at a recreational center where he mentors four middle schoolers however the series was not picked up.


  • He is good friends with his former iCarly co star Jennette McCurdy.
  • In 2011 he was nominated for the Favorite TV Sidekick award at the Kids Choice Awards but lost to Jennette McCurdy.

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